What Do Christmas Cards Signify?

“May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of his love at Christmas and forever.”

It is one of the most famous quotations written in Christmas cards, but the meaning to it does not only limit to a card. Christmas cards are a way of showing one’s affection, gratitude and greetings celebrated in the form of a written message. Almost all the family members receive greetings card in at the time of Christmas month from their near and dear ones.

History of Christmas cards

The beginning of what now has turned into a tradition dates back to the year 1843 when the first ever Christmas card was sold in London. The card was designed by an artist in a way to show the Christmas spirit of a family at the time of celebration. The idea was an instant hit, and a total of over 2000 cards were circulated in each shilling.

Why is Christmas card so important?

The cards are a way to offer heartfelt greetings and illustrate the importance of celebration at the time of harsh winter season. Cards depict the various designs of Santa Claus with his reindeer, coming on his chariot to ring the bells with Christmas Carole.

Along with the message of Merry Christmas the cards also reads the message of a happy New Year as New Year succeeds the Christmas day. The cards signify festive scene along with the holy spirit of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The evolution of Christmas cards

Although Christmas cards now are a bit different from what it was earlier used to be and most of the people would be even able to recognize one at present. The cards that are made today depict the serene pictures of winter season and images of religious significance.

In contrast to that, in earlier times, Christmas cards displayed designs of flowers and fairies bringing in the season of Christmas and joy.

The images were also meant to depict the oncoming season of spring and were hugely popular among children and young adults. The cards also gained massive popularity around America and parts of Europe. The idea was soon spread like wildfire to all over the world until the early 19 century.

Not only for religious or festivity, but Christmas cards also played a considerable role in signifying the patriotism of citizens during the time of world war. At that time, Christmas cards were designed with elaborated flag images driven to evoke patriotic thoughts within people.

Christmas card and the white house

It was in 1953 when Dwight Eisenhower sent out the first ever white house Christmas card officially. At that time a total of 2000 cards were sent to different houses, and now the count has expanded to a maximum of around millions of Christmas cards.

Indeed there is no better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with the dear ones other than cards. It helps in showering the love and pleasant feelings in the form of a personalized message via a Christmas card.