Why Including a Christmas Card is Important

Gifts are great and I love getting presents as much as the next person. All those shiny wrapped boxes and glittery bags still make me feel like a child each Christmas morning.

But these days I have noticed a lot of people decide to forgo the Christmas card that is supposed to come attached. Instead they just scribble their name on a present tag – unless they decide to include money as a gift, in which case they might get a card.

A Classic Tradition

Christmas cards are a timeless tradition I feel should not be done away with, despite a tendency towards it modernly. Cards have been one of those things that stuck around through each new generation – and with good reason.

Sure, I know a lot of younger kids do not appreciate cards the way they should right now. The idea of a new toy is simply too much to handle. They will appreciate them when they are older, though, trust me.

Something To Be Kept Forever

One of the reasons I feel so strongly about including a card with presents is that they can be kept forever. They might get locked away somewhere collecting dust for a few years, but they are always there if you ever want to pull them out and read them over again.

This is so important as the older members of your family pass on. Those cards are little keepsakes of memories shared that do not take up a lot of room.


Very Personal

Cards are also very personal. Even when nothing is written inside other than the original print and a signature, there is something very personal about signatures. Each one is very unique and speaks to the person’s individuality.

When a gift has someone’s handwriting (even better if it is a full note), it is almost like they are giving you a piece of themselves. There is truly no better gift a person could give than that.

Best “Cheap” Gift

I love the fact that cards are so inexpensive yet so touching. This makes them the very best cheap gift you can give. Most cards cost less than five dollars, and there are hundreds of options for under a dollar. Yes, there are a few that cost more like those that sing or come with special items like tattoos or stickers for kids. If you want to go the extra mile for those bonuses, great! If not, it is not required. With Christmas cards, it really is the thought that counts.

Keep the Tradition Going

All these things are great reasons to keep the tradition going, and it is so simple to do. Simply attach a Christmas card to each of your gifts so your loved ones will have them for the many years to come. Teach your children the importance of that little extra effort. It only takes a few moments and a few dollars, so there is no real reason not to.