Why I’ve Always Appreciated Christmas Cards

I know a lot of people are most excited for the gifts on Christmas morning, but I have always loved the cards. Even as a child I appreciated the often-overlooked items tucked inside each giftbag or taped to the top of giftboxes. But why?

The Thought That Counts

Everyone always says it is the thought that counts. Well, to me, Christmas cards have a lot more thought behind them than most gifts. The best ones are those where someone has taken time to scrawl their own little message among the manufactured letters. Even if it is something as simple as someone telling me once more “Merry Christmas” or that they love me.

They Last So Much Longer

Another thing is that I can keep those Christmas cards forever. Most gifts are outgrown or broken by the end of a year or two. Not all, of course, but most. Those Christmas cards you can tuck away inside a box or a tote in your attic. When you feel sentimental, you can pull them out and read them over once again.

Sometimes There is Disappointment

As silly as it sounds to most, I tend to feel a little disappointed when there is no card attached to my gift. Honestly, I would rather receive a card than a gift if I had to choose – although I am not saying I do not appreciate or love the gifts, too! I am more sentimental than most, but not completely different.

I Take Effort

Since I care so much about the Christmas cards I receive, I always take the effort to choose a special one for each person on my buy list. Even the smallest people will one day be happy to have the cards I give them to look back on. I know my two-year-old nephew does not understand my little notes yet, but he will one day.



How to Create a Memorable Card

A lot of people have asked me what I feel makes a truly memorable card. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect card for each person on your Christmas gift list.

  • Take your time looking over the different cards. Look for something which would make the person laugh, happy cry, or break out in a huge smile.
  • If you cannot find a card that best suits the person you can always make one. It does not have to be arts and crafts style, either. You can use your computer to create one.
  • Take time to write a little note inside each card. It does not have to be anything long or crazy. You can just wish them a Merry Christmas, tell them you appreciate them, say “I love you,” or any other small gesture.
  • Remember to write the date in a corner of the card – or you can even write it on the back. This helps people to remember which year the card was from when they look back on it a decade or more later.